Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Mother's Prayer

        My mother went to heaven in 1997 -- nearly 20 years ago. But she left behind dozens of journals that she had written over the years.  She battled breast cancer when she was my age, and after surgery and chemo and radiation, we thought she had won.  But then it came back, and she wrote this prayer in the front of a journal full of encouraging Bible verses, like Psalm 55: "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you."
Dear Lord Jesus,                                                                                             March 8, 1994
     How you comfort my heart. I've had to accept twice that I have cancer and you have given me such peace and comfort it is beyond my weak understanding. I love you because you have given me blessed assurance and peace that surpasses all understanding and I am totally unworthy.  Hundreds of dedicated Christians have asked you to deliver me from cancer but what you have given me is Grace
to accept my plight.You have given me praying, loving, concerned children, husband, relatives and friends who have been total encouragement because they are your children. I love you, feel your presence and want to bring glory to your name. 
                                                                                            Mother of four

Here's another:
 Sunday, July 31, 1994
    What a wonderful Savior that loves me! It pays to serve him every step of the way. Knowing I had to go to the cancer doctor on Monday morning to get the "sad" answer, about this 4th knot in my neck, when I should have been so apprehensive and ice water in my blood, instead the blessed Lord flooded my soul, gave me peace that passes all understanding and stood with me through it all.  Oh! What a Prince of Peace! Oh! Just to know Him more and trust Him more.  Thanks! Beautiful Savior, Friend, and Life to me.

      Mother lived another 3 years after she wrote these words, and her faith never waivered -- she continued to teach the young adults and witnessed to so many about the faithfulness of God as long as she was able.  Her prayer was answered -- she brought glory to His name and was such an example to her children, family, and friends.  How I miss her!!

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  1. how lucky you are to have these journals of your mother's thoughts and wishes!