Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amazing Love

        It is my privilege to be a part of the music ministry at my church --  I love singing with the choir and praise team.  As we were singing "Hallelujah, Your Love is Amazing" this morning, I was looking over the faces of people in the congregation, seeing smiles as they sang this song.  Then I started thinking of the problems in the lives of these dear people -- I saw one precious friend who was caring for her husband with Alzheimers, several who have broken marriages, cancer, sick parents -- so much sadness. Yet they were singing ..."Your love carries me.." and I knew it was true.  I also saw some who were living proof of God's healing and protection -- a kidney transplant that brought new life, a new love for a  widow and widower, complete recovery from a bout with cancer.  We heard testimony of God's intervention with a soldier in Iraq -- his vehicle was destroyed by an explosion, but he didn't get even a scratch. I've been thinking about a question my missionary niece asked -- "Why do we love God?" Is it because of the prayers He will answer?  What if He doesn't heal or answer the way we want?  As I sang I realized the answer was in the words "Your love makes me sing." We come together to worship the One who makes us sing because of His amazing love, "steady and unchanging...a mountain, firm beneath my feet...Your love is a mystery... how You gently lift me... when I am surrounded, Your love carries me." Hallelujah!!