Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Buzzards are Circling!

   It was such a relief to me when my husband retired from his helicopter job -- I don't know why he enjoyed such a risky job.  But the days of risky jobs are not over -- because our 2 story house has trees hovering above it.  And at this time of year, that means leaves in the gutters. So every so often, Sam decides it is time to climb on the roof and clean the gutters.  Yesterday was the day.  So he got out the long ladder that I hate, and up he went.  I stayed outside to watch -- and to go pick up the tool that he was using when it slid off the roof.  He is 65 years old, for heaven's sake, and I am not wanting to be a widow any time soon.  When he got to the steepest part, he tied one end of a rope around the chimney and the other end around himself.  He had this metal ring thing that he could loosen to give himself more slack.  I was standing out there watching -- picturing how I could catch him if he fell off -- wondering if it would then kill both of us. That's when I noticed 2 vultures (Or "buzzards" as we called them in WV) circling our house.  I told Sam that they thought he was going to fall off and die so they were getting ready.
Well -- happy ending -- the gutters are clean again, and Sam is safely still alive and well.  But I started thinking about how the Bible says, "For I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear: I will help you."  (Isaiah 41:13)  Sam was not worried on the roof -- he had confidence that the chimney was immovable and the rope was strong enough as long as he held on.  Thanks for reminding me, God, that You, too, are immovable and plenty willing and able to help me -- even when I feel like the buzzards are circling.  I just have to make sure that I am holding onto the rope!!