Sunday, November 11, 2012

Making a Difference

I ran across an article this week about serving God by helping others --- the author said that we should daily pray for an opportunity to be a blessing to someone. Then  I heard a radio minister talk about how we were afraid to ask God to use us because we are afraid might send us to Africa.
Anyway, praying for a chance to help someone seemed a little risky --- but since I am a follower, I believe that He will not ask us to do anything alone.  I should have known that the opportunity would come sooner than I expected.
I was scheduled to sing with the praise team this morning at the early service, so I was headed to the church at about 7:15.  As I drove down the little curvy back road, I came up on a car that was parked just barely off the road.  As I passed, I saw a young woman looking out the window, and she had a very distressed look on her face.  I have never done this before, but I just couldn't pass by without stopping to see what was going on.  The girl got out of the car and come to my window.  She said, "I am not crazy.  But I ran out of gas and I am late for work and my cell phone died.  Could you possibly take me to work at the nursing home down the road.?"  I told her to get in, and drove her to work. She was so grateful, and I still made it to church on time. It wasn't until later that afternoon that it occurred to me that this was the answer to my prayer.
Then tonight, right before church started, I read a text message from our music minister --- he is sick --- could I lead the music this evening?  That is definitely outside my comfort zone, but I felt like I had to do the best I could, since no one else was offering to do it.  The scripture tonight was from Jude --- and there was a verse about making a difference in the lives of others. That's when it occured to me that this had been another opportunity to serve --- just like I had asked for.
So, isn't  it amazing how some prayers are answered in the most unexpected ways?