Monday, April 18, 2016

Waiting on the Lord

           Waiting has never been one of my best things.  When Sam was in the Army, he would call to say we had orders to move -- to Alaska, to Germany, back to Fort Bragg -- and I drove him crazy with a million questions. Where will we live? What can we take? Questions that he could not answer yet, but I wanted details, and I wanted to know now.
           When we lived in Fairbanks, we were told not to plant our gardens until June 1. But I was in a hurry -- it was a long winter and I was ready to plant.  So I planted on May 30.  And the frost that night killed them all.
             I was thinking about that this morning in Sunday School class as we read about Sarah in the Bible.  God promised a child, but since she was really old, she didn't wait for God's timing -- she gave Abraham her servant so she could have a child. Now, I really relate to Sarah, because I was 40 when I was pregnant with my youngest child and I thought I was pretty old. I can imagine that I would have had a lot of trouble waiting too if I had been in her shoes. But as you probably know, her plan did not work out well at all -- in her hurry, she made the situation a lot worse. God had a much better plan.
               Because my yard is shady, my flowers are always late to bloom.  I mean, really late -- everyone else has a beautiful blooming yard, and I don't even have buds yet. But on the way to church this morning, I noticed a lot of brown azaleas.  They bloomed early, and the frost last weekend ruined the lovely blossoms.  But my late bloomers just opened today, so I am enjoying wonderful azaleas while all the others are dead.

                So I am learning the value of waiting.  And at this time of my life, I'm wishing time would slow down.  It seems that the years have flown by and as my 50 year class reunion approaches this summer, I just can't hardly believe that those boys and girls from my senior class are now senior citizens.
                There's a poem written by Ruth Bell Graham, one of my favorite authors, that I totally relate to now.  It is called "Time, Wait!"

        Psalm 37:7 says "Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act."  That has not been easy for me. I've heard the term "Be in the moment" recently -- referring to being engrossed in your electronic device or thinking about the past or future -- being so preocupied with other thoughts that you don't take time to enjoy the current moment.  I am trying to learn to enjoy the moment -- I don't know what the future will bring, but I am so grateful for today!!