Sunday, June 9, 2013

Through Every Trial

He's been with me through every trial
He's been with me through every test.
I've learned when I put my faith in God,
Then God can work for my best.
Never one time has He failed me;
He's never once left me alone.

We sang those words in choir practice tonight, and it was a good reminder to me right now.  I am facing a biopsy in the near future, and so far I have not really felt scared or worried.  Although part of that feeling of peace may be from a bit of Scarlet O'Hara -- "I'll think about it tomorrow", I have a long history of  trusting in God through other situations, and He has never let go of me yet.
I know that very few people actually read my words, but blogging gives me a place to reflect on things in my life.  When I put my thoughts down on paper --- well, virtual paper -- I can go back later  and remember how God brought me through this, too. I want to remember the words to this song as I go to my next doctor Appointment -- "He's never once left me alone."

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