Sunday, March 1, 2015

Why Were You Worried?

       My youngest child -- who is no longer a child -- went to work this week delivering pizzas for Dominos. Last night he went to work at 5:00, so I intended to wait up to hear about his evening. When he didn't get home by midnight, I checked the pizza website to see what time they closed.  It said 12:00, so I thought he'd be home soon. I wrapped up in a blanket to watch late night tv - tried to call him but no answer. Not exactly worried, but starting to pray for his safe return home. Still not home by 2:00 am, so now it was time for serious prayer.  I heard the car door shut at 2:30 -- he said they didn't close until 1:00 on weekends, then he volunteered to stay and clean up."Must have left my phone in the car," he said.
        I was so grateful for prayer -- it kept me from walking the floor, but didn't keep me from imaging wrecks, robbery, and various other dangers. I started writing "Godwinks" for this very reason -- to remind myself of the times when my Heavenly Father watched over me. And even with a long history of  answered prayers, sometimes I still forget.
       When my oldest daughter was about 3 or 4 years old, she got away from her grandma in the mall, and I nearly panicked as I started walking down the crowded mall, looking for her. I spotted her about 4 stores away, holding the hand of a security guard who was helping her look for me. I dropped to my knees and hugged her tight, telling her how worried I was.  She said,"Why were you worried? Didn't you know Jesus was with me?" 
         And so here I am, over 30 years later, still having trouble remembering that. I know His eye is on the sparrow, but when my kids are out of touch, I find that I still have a tendency to start worrying. But what would I be doing if I couldn't pray? I find comfort in the Anchor for my soul -- and dozed off several times while waiting for my baby to come home. I will not wait up for him tonight -- my Heavenly Father will keep an eye on him this night! 

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