Thursday, October 15, 2015

Maintenance Required

      I went back to the doctor at Baptist Hospital last week for my twice yearly check-up.   It seems that my blood test that gives me the "all clear -- no sign of recurrence of cancer" signal every six months was no longer in the good, safe place -- the number had increased quite a bit, and I was concerned.  My doctor looked at everything else and decided that we should re-check in 3 months before doing any further tests or treatment. Not an emergency, but not to be ignored,
     So I am kind of in the same place as my good old Highlander.  The "MAINT REQD" light came on this week, and Sam, my own personal mechanic, is gone on a fishing trip. We talked on the phone and he said it will be okay -- don't have to take it in for emergency repairs -- and he will look at it next week. Like me, the car has a lot of miles on it -- over 200,000.  But it still runs fine, and if the light didn't remind me, who knows when I would think about changing oil or doing whatever this light indicates. If I didn't have that blood test last week, I would think everything was fine.  No symptoms -- as a matter of fact, I feel better than I have in a long time.  I am eating healthy food and walking 4 or 5 miles -- or more -- every day. But yet -- something is needing attention. Every time I get in the car, the light reminds me. 
    I started thinking -- maybe God has been reminding me -- that there are other things in my life that need attention, too. During the last nearly 40 years of being a full time mom, and teaching school, that's where my focus has been. Now that I am retired, I am finally taking time to give some attention to other things that need maintenance.
  • My health -- like I said, I am walking more than ever in my life and making healthy choices when it comes to food -- after many years of junk food, fast food, and too much food. I;d like to have lots more years and I know I have to do better if I want to hang around a lot longer.
  • My family -- I've recently called or visited with 3 of my relatives who are over 80 years old.  Why didn't I stay in touch with these precious people? They remember my great and great-great grandparents and have shared stories and pictures that no one else could tell me about.
  • My spiritual life -- I'm spending more time in prayer and have started reading my Bible again. I plan to read it all the way through,  Because I go to church 3 times a week, I convinced myself that was enough, and I have been slack in my personal devotions. 
  • My personal surroundings -- house and yard have been neglected for years.  Weeds in one little flower garden have been replaced with pansies, but the big one needs major work.  And even after 4 months of retirement and many bags to Goodwill, I still have lots more tidying up to do.
  •  My Friends  -- friends need maintenance, too, and I have needed a warning light to remind me that if I don't spend time growing friendships, my friends won't know what a treasure they are to me.  But it takes effort, and I made the first step today by meeting with 2 of these treasured friends for a long walk and conversation. We enjoyed it so much that we made plans to do it every week.
  • My marriage -- after 41 years of living with my best friend and love of my life, I'm aware that there is no one I would rather spend time with, But usually I do what I like to do -- read, sing, write -- and he does what he wants to -- hunt, fish. fix things. This year -- no, I am NOT going hunting with him! But it won't kill me to go out in the boat with him, I guess -- he quit inviting me because I always had an excuse. One day I will surprise him by volunteering to go! We have spent time together more lately, and we need to do it more.  But really, if he is happy, then I am happy -- I really love that man!!    
               I was listening to a self-help podcast in the car -- "Achieve Your Goals" and Sara asked me why.  I told her I was trying to get better at some things,  She told me I was fine and didn't need any improvement.  I am so glad she feels that way -- guess I have done something right.  Or maybe she just didn't want to listen to it?  It was about procrastination, one of my worst faults.  I find that I constantly need inspiration -- or warning lights -- to stay focused. And no matter what anyone else thinks, I have lots of room for improvement!

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