Thursday, June 8, 2017

Not Sitting in Darkness

As I was reading in the Old Testament book of Micah today, I came to his verse that really stood out to me.  You see, I spent a few moments sitting in darkness this week when I got the results of my last blood test.  When I had my lung surgery last year -- recurrence #3 of my thyroid cancer -- I hoped I was finished.  The blood tests every 3 months didn't show any sign of thyroid tissue growing, and I thought I was out of the woods. But no! This test showed an elevated number -- going up instead of going down. So I spent a few hours thinking about writing a will and other depressing thoughts before the LIGHT brightened as I realized that my life has always been in His hands, so I'm not going to start worrying now.  I talked to my doctor, and we decided to test again in 3 months before we get too excited. The number was only 5 points higher than last time, so I intend to enjoy my summer and live it to the fullest.  I think of the song, "He Knows My Name" and the words that tell me He will pick me up when I fall, so I am depending on that.  No gloomy thoughts -- I refuse to sit in darkness thinking about what might or might not happen.  The Lord will be a LIGHT to me!

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