Tuesday, July 4, 2017

God Blessed America

  I love America. As we celebrate the birth of our great nation, I've been thinking about blessed we are to live here.   I have been lucky enough to have opportunities to travel to many places in the United States.  The south has white sandy beaches and tall palm trees and it is always exciting to drive there.  We loved the rocky coast of Maine and watching the lobster traps being hauled aboard the boats.  Alaska was breathtakingly beautiful with the snow covered mountains and it was a thrill to catch a glimpse of the moose and grizzly bears.  The Midwest had miles and miles of flat farmland -- endless cornfields.  The Grand Canyon was so incredible, and I loved seeing all the Joshua trees in Nevada and Arizona. My home state of West Virginia has beautiful hills and valleys and rivers that I love, especially in the fall when the leaves are spectacular.
I wonder how some people can think for a moment that there is no Creator.
Oh, Lord my God,
When I in awesome wonder,
Consider all the worlds thy hands have made...
Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee
How great Thou art!

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  1. Yes How great our Father God is. I do hope that Americans will remember on this day that the 4th of July represents more than fireworks and cookouts. I pray that individuals will remember that this holiday came with a great price and each day a young man or woman somewhere in our military continues to pay that price. So on this 4th, please take a moment to pray for our leaders, pray for our nation, pray for our youth that they will wake up and realize what a great country we have and above all, reflect on those that fought and died the past and for those that will fight and possibly give their lives in the future so that we can celebrate with fireworks and hotdogs. God Bless the USA and happy 4th to everyone.