Monday, April 7, 2014

See You Next Year!

   About this time last year, I drove to Winston-Salem for my yearly blood test -- I get one every year ever since I had thyroid cancer in 1998. I was surprised and dismayed to get the results -- indicating metastasis .  After all these years, I had been confident that cancer was defeated and forgotten. Not so -- and I have written about the treatment that I had last summer.  I determined to go on with my life -- believing that the treatment was working  and that prayers on my behalf  were heard.
   I went back to see my thyroid doctor today, and the news was all good. My blood test showed everything back to normal -- yay, God!  Not only that, but my doctor said he didn't need to see me again until next year! I will have another test in the fall, but after seeing him every three months, now I can wait another year .  That sounds like he is confident that the cancer is no longer a threat, and that is very good news.
  I don't know why some are healed and others are not -- I wish everyone could always get good news from the doctor.  But I know that the peace of God is very real -- and I would not ever want to face any of life's challenges and problems alone.  I am so grateful for praying friends who faithfully mentioned my name in prayer.  I am thankful for my little "Jesus Calling" book that comforted my soul with scripture this year.  And I am thankful most of all for my Savior who kept me from being afraid this year.  Woo-hoo!!  It is over!